Welcome to our birthday party website created especially to celebrate Matt Latham's 30th Birthday!


This year we will celebrate Matt's 30th Birthday! I'm planning a couple of BIG days for him as a surprise, with the theme being ALL EXTREME! He had a hard time thinking of what he wanted this year and decided on a drone in order to take some awesome aerial video for the business. I know diddly squat about drones, (or any technology) but I did conclude that they vary wildly in price and features. The low-end model I found with the features he is looking for retails for $700. In order to get him an awesome 30th Birthday gift, I thought this the best solution! This way he can pick out the drone himself, and get exactly what he is looking for. No need to over-give, I will make up the difference for whatever he chooses!

He will be presented with the page and all of it's contributors at his family Birthday dinner so everyone can be there to see him receive it! Feel free to combine Christmas and Birthday here. We've already discussed ;)  If you would rather do Visa/Amex gift cards that works just as well. 

Feel free to leave a Birthday comment on the page as well. He will get to read them all!

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